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"All Grown Up" (Promo Video #1) 2021
"All Grown Up" (Promo Video #2) 2021
"Beautiful" (Promo Video) 2021



"This dude knows his stuff when it comes to creating exciting songs.".  


Onzieb is a Songwriter/Producer and artist based in New York City. He first got started in the music industry when he would sign, and take on the task of an Recording Engineer intern for his home, Norfolk State University, in 2008 during the second semester month of his junior year. To him, this would feel like good news at the right time in this age, and really made his day! It was here that Onzieb would get to click well with and find others like him and their detailed top genres, make top songs, for hours a day through the love and want of music, and see a chance to sign, create stats, view, release, list, access, and feature on four top popular music albums, which will include making live instrumentation for the recently top favorite artists/producers genres turned friends in the world, including obtaining, using, and give periods sharing a vast amount of networking opportunities for songs to find each month for these songs and artists, and see better situations through these like-minded top artists, their users efforts, genres, their content, statistics, shows, track record, their feature, and discover their different song stats number statistics and streams being wrapped into one to last in the later six months, and minutes in the history to follow.


Within a few weeks after graduating college in May 2010, Onzieb received good news of an opportunity to engineer songs at Daddy's House Recording Studio (Bad Boy Records) to get a chance to leave home and work with their long roster of the biggest trending top songs and top artists and incoming songwriters of that year on their music lists from around the world. Upon the week arriving there, Onzieb would utilize his place in this moment to see and take a listen with top new people, and really get to know them and what they made on a personal musical level through indicated top new spotify song listening  titles, including International Recording Artist Heavy D in preparation of his last studio album "Love Opus." Between the duration of the recording sessions and listening back to the amazing insights, songs, and best advice he received from Heavy D on his content played, Onzieb would want to gain a substantial amount of new knowledge and added wisdom that he would see back in time then even today in 2021, and that this would be the last day Onzieb would be able to listen to Heavy D within that year during the creation of his last album. When creating much content for recently played users artists, or generating new music that requires melodies that would click well for a pending production playlist album, Onzieb would try to find a moment to always use that image and hear the voice of Heavy D speaking to him as much as possible.

Now in 2020-2021, Through developed listening habits, active listening, a continuous past search, and updated personal growth that doesn't compare in understanding the mood of spotify stats that has triggered a lengthy size of universal wisdom to see during the months, Onzieb would find himself and create four songwriting placements plus cultivate spotify content streamed genre music with top brands like Pizza hut, Wagamamas, Burger King through a licensing deal he would sign, and continues to write, produce, discover, and release the best new personal spotify listened music for other media television'/film projects playlists data for songs that last for hours, per quarter, helping to keep their spotify stats artist, streaming data and provides every updated spotify listened account playlist music log that requires them to reach their full potential plus adding the "follow us" personal brand on each genre mood playlist in motion, and listening album playlists they make with new spotify material being streamed/played, while creating a easy way that lets them protect their different spotify top users genres rights account playlists data within the app and report percentage on end in a 2021 time frame. Though often times with experience, that's not hard to give when it tells that you can be free with your material and make it last by learning about new spotify app strategies for your users tracks account. With his own new following in motion (in the theousands), added useful locations, mindful apps, latest spotify popular features info, songs creation, and total spotify stats/playlists data listening statistics periods for artists, we can agree and view that Onzieb is really on a daily target to becoming today's example of the next listened global spotify streaming producer in history and it shows that he may very well be on track to be the best kept determined spotify based new producer in the music industry for spotify's 2021 for months, weeks, and years to come in the future with his spotify top songs! No need to compare, search, or check for another on  any app any longer. Look out, listen to his spotify tracks, download, and follow/add us on news in the coming six months to date of his much anticipated upcoming album "Snaps and things At Your Service!" Are you listening? What are you waiting for, A rare premium find has launched people!


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